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Women’s History and Spring Renewal

Women’s History and Spring Renewal

Spring is upon us as we come to the end of Women’s History Month. We have much to be grateful for: renewal of life, our mothers, daughters, sisters, wives, grandmothers, granddaughters, aunts, nieces, and the many female teachers, colleagues and friends in our lives. Here at COSEBOC, where we focus our mission on the education of males of color, we could not do this work without our sister partners. So today we set the tone of our March eNews with a framework of gratitude for the women in our work and personal lives, and in yours.

For the women here at COSEBOC, each of whom support a pillar of our organization, we thank Margaret, Sandra, Brenda, Andrea, Christine, Olga, Deidre, Robin, Jamila, Gene, Terri, Mellie, and Alexandra. We thank each of you, and the many others prior to your time.

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Every month our eNews sheds light a member of our team, giving you the opportunity to glimpse more closely into the COSEBOC heart. Why? Because behind the scene at COSEBOC is a team of dedicated and passionate individuals, each contributing their genius to the COSEBOC mission. We wouldn’t be here without them.

Gene Thompson-Grove

Gene Thompson Grove

Celebrating Women’s History with one of our own! Today we introduce another of our Professional Development Facilitators, Gene Thompson-Grove. Gene has been with COSEBOC since 2008 and she is currently Principal Facilitator for our foundational course, COSEBOC Standards for Educating Boys of Color. Gene works with educators to create school cultures that support transformational learning. With over 40+ years of experience leading seminars on educational/racial equity and creating intentional learning communities, Gene is gifted at designing and facilitating adult, collaborative learning experiences. COSEBOC is deeply grateful for the commitment, passion, and depth of knowledge that she brings to our vision, mission and – yes – to our COSEBOC family!

“If you are lucky, sometimes a person arrives in your life and makes such a huge impact in your learning experiences, you barely remember what it was like before. That person for me is Gene Thompson-Grove. In the years that I have known her, she has been instrumental in supporting the ways we think about our learning and consequently the learning of our students. I am filled with appreciation, to her, for being a “critical friend” and for her continuing support in helping others to facilitate their own learning.”
~ Brenda Artwell

More about Gene!


NEXT VOICE is a series of short video clips sharing the voices of COSEBOC Facilitators and/or COSEBOC course participants. In this 2 minute video, COSEBOC Professional Development Facilitator Timothy Jones speaks about the value of Hiphop in various programs.

“When we present Hiphop, our participants [adults] are given an opportunity to reminisce on their own upbringing, and this helps them engage with young people with more of themselves. It’s one thing to tell them [young people] something and it’s something totally different when you can model what you’re telling them, because they will remember how you make them feel longer than they will remember what you tell them.”
~ Timothy Jones


Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools, NC
May, 2024 Discovering Rituals, Understanding Manhood (D.R.U.M.)

Newton, MA, Public Schools: Vanguard Initiative
April, 2024 Standards for Educating Boys of Color

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Delores’s Dream

Ron Walker with his boo, about his mother, Delores's Dream

This month, in honor of Women’s History, we want to announce Ron Walker’s recently published book about his mother, Delores’s Dream. Delores is one of many unsung heroes whose life and dedication to education speaks volumes in this book.

Learn More about Delores’s Dream

From COSEBOC Partners & Supporters

Our partners at Leadership Brainery have announced an 18-month Ambassador Fellowship program for undergraduate student leaders of color to become grad school-ready candidates! Selected Ambassadors receive 1:1 graduate school admissions coaching, free GRE/GMAT/LSAT test prep materials, fee waivers for competitive schools, and a $10,000 scholarship! Applications open this week.
Leadership Brainery Ambassador Fellowship

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