Gathering of Leaders

The COSEBOC Annual Gathering of Leaders experience is a special and unique one. It affords an opportunity for those who attend to meet national, regional, and local education champions, as well as scholars, youth, and community leaders who are making the difference that makes the difference for boys and young men of color.

For 14 of the first 15 years of our history, the Annual Gathering has been held in person in different welcoming cities around the nation. Each event has been anchored by a compelling theme connected to our goal of advancing and accelerating academic and life success for boys and young men of color. For the participants, this is a time to connect to new friends, reconnect with old friends, and engage in deep conversations and equally deep professional learning. The Gathering is recognized for its innovative presentations of professional development experiences designed to build knowledge, skill, and understanding about the best practices essential to the education of boys and young men of color.

The impact of COVID-19 has interrupted live events for the time being, but the spirit of the Annual Gathering will prevail. When the time for safe, face-to-face convenings resumes, so will the Gathering.

The Gathering of Leaders extends its brand to the successful virtual professional development that we are now hosting. Though smaller in participant size than the Gathering, the professional development experiences are rich, provocative, and informative. We encourage you to follow the COSEBOC array of professional development sessions tailored to empower leaders and advocates to advance the affirmative development of boys and young men of color.

“COSEBOC stands out because it has centered its work on the experiences of black and brown boys and prioritizes bringing together theory and practice in a way that allows these young men to survive and thrive.”

~Roberto Rivera, Pain to Propane Organization