Footprints and Footsteps Facilitator Course

For middle and high school teams. Each cohort is comprised of teams and participants from multiple school districts, unless a single school district has enough participants to fill an entire cohort.

This course will introduce participants to the pedagogy of Footprints and Footsteps as an effective tool to cultivate critical thinking, literacy, and effective communication skills among boys and young men of color. Footprints and Footsteps is a pedagogical approach rooted in Sankofa – a return to one’s essential history, to the values, practices, rituals, and intelligence that help activate a memory of healthy identity. This course will engage the adults through the phases of being a participant, practitioner, and presenter of the Footprints and Footsteps pedagogy. Footprints and Footsteps invokes voices of the past, voices of today, and sets the stage for the students to develop and present their voices as a forecast of where we can and should go as a community.

  • Recommended for middle and high school educators
  • Each cohort can include up to 12 educators
  • Teaching teams are encouraged to participate together
  • The course totals 14 hours
  • Can be delivered virtually, hybrid, or in person
  • Facilitated by an experienced educational leader, Timothy Jones, with expertise in Hip Hop pedagogy and youth development