D.R.U.M. (Discovering Rituals, Understanding Manhood) Facilitator Course

For middle and high school teams. Each cohort is comprised of teams and participants from multiple school districts, unless a single school district has enough participants to fill an entire cohort.

This course introduces teams of educators to the Rites of Passage experience and prepares the teams to incorporate the D.R.U.M. framework and approach into an existing or new program/activity that engages boys and young men of color.

D.R.U.M. is a researched-based framework and program designed to raise rates of attendance, graduation, and post-secondary college/career success among male middle and high school students of color. Grounded in African/Indigenous rituals, manhood development, and hip-hop pedagogy, D.R.U.M. is particularly effective with helping students who are experiencing a range of challenges that impede their academic and social success. The D.R.U.M. approach aims to strengthen students’ academic achievement and develop an affirmative social, emotional, and cultural identity.

  • Recommended for school or district teams of up to four participants
  • Each cohort will enroll 4-5 teams
  • A course totaling 14 hours (typically, seven 2-hour sessions held over seven consecutive weeks)
  • Facilitated by two experienced educational leaders, one with expertise in Hip Hop Pedagogy and the other with expertise in Rites of Passage Programs
  • Virtual (remote) learning format