COSEBOC Course: Standards for Schools Educating Boys of Color

COSEBOC Standards Course for Schools Educating Boys of Color

For PK-12 teams. Each cohort is comprised of teams and participants from the same school district.

This is the foundational course that we recommend as a starting point for all teams. It centers on the Uncommon Core, COSEBOC’s research-based tool that provides a strong operational framework for the healthy transformation of schools and communities to ensure successful learning outcomes for all students, especially boys and young men of color. School teams ranging from Pre-K to high school will use the standards to identify strengths and challenges in seven core areas and will develop action plans as part of the course.

  • Recommended for a cohort of 20-25 participants from the same school or district, ideally organized into several teams of 3-4 individuals (e.g., by grade level, subject area, school, or other professional affiliation)
  • Facilitated by two experienced educational leaders
  • Customized to examine data and other factors specific to the school or district
  • A course totaling 24 hours (typically, eight 3-hour sessions), with a balance of instructional time and team work in each session. The final six-hour session focuses on planning and feedback.
  • Total duration of the course can span from 6 weeks to 3 months
  • Typically, virtual (remote) learning format, with the possibility of some in-person or hybrid facilitation (with additional travel costs)
COSEBOC - The Seven Core Standards