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There is Genius in the Hood

by Ron Walker

There is Genius in the ‘Hood

Have you ever given thought to the genius in the ‘hood?

So many young sisters and brothers ready to do good,

So many ready to create, invent, and innovate,

Ready to inspire, design, and liberate!

The ‘hood has lots of diamonds and fields of precious gems

Waiting to be polished, to be doctors, entrepreneurs, to be leading lights in STEM.

A vast and amazing legion of youth who think and do–

Ready to present their talent for the GOOD,

Ready to represent what Black and Brown genius should!

It’s time to rethink and disrupt the negative ode

That talent and genius come from certain zip codes

It’s time to excavate the gems and diamonds in the ‘hood,

Then move aside so that they can do the GOOD!