Youth Convening: Student Voice

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Student VOICE Passage of the COSEBOC Annual Gathering of Leaders
May 19-20, 2016
Jacob Javits Center, New York, NY

Student Voice 2016

For high school students of school leaders
and educators attending the Gathering

“Whoever controls the images, controls your self-esteem, self-respect and self-development.  Whoever controls the history controls the vision.”
–Dr. Leonard Jefferies

The COSEBOC Student Voice Passage was designed to include the significant presence that boys and young men of color bring to the vision of reimagining and transforming their educational experiences and overall quality of life.  Student Voice is an essential component to the COSEBOC Gathering, as it helps inspire and inform contemporary leaders on how to establish affirmative educational and socialization experiences for boys and young men of color.  Additionally, our boys and young men have an opportunity to demonstrate their leadership on a national stage and realize the tremendous role they play in establishing an assenting reality for their generation and tomorrow’s boys and young men of color.  

At the heart of most social movements, particularly in America, have been the aspirations, visions, creativity and verve of young people affirming a worldview that reflects justice and a greater expression of humanity.  Framing a narrative that is aligned with the rich historical and cultural legacy that is the birthright of our boys and young men, ensures that they will inherit and pass down the wisdom and knowledge that calls on the highest ideals and practices that demand excellence.  

During the two days of our Student Voice Passage experience, our boys and young men will participate in powerful, life affirming activities that will support their transition from boys to men.  These interactive sessions will begin with the Grand Processional of Leaders, where our young men are the center of the extravaganza and enter into the venue accompanied by electrifying drums.  Additionally, they will creatively present their rendition of the Gathering’s Conference theme.  Also planned for this youth leadership journey will be college tours, engaging workshops, a COSEBOC talk with a cutting edge young innovator of our time, historical and cultural excursions and a rite of passage ceremony to conclude the empowering 2 days.  

Upon the completion of the 2 day journey, the young men will: 

  1. Deeply reflect on their lives and establish an affirmative vision, mission and goals towards achieving their developing life’s purpose.
  2. Network with other youth leaders and adults who specialize in male youth development.  
  3. Engage in powerful discourse centered on the affirmative education and socialization of boys and young men of color
  4. Participate in college tours and cultural excursions in the world’s greatest city
  5. Make presentations centered on the conference theme
  6. Experience culturally relevant and rites of passage workshops
  7. Celebrate the joy of being boys and young men of color
  8. Make a pubic oath declaring young manhood