COSEBOC Annual School Awards

COSEBOC First Annual Awards to Inspiring Educational Leaders

The COSEBOC School Awards are designed to recognize and reward preK-12 schools nationwide that have strong track records of academic achievement amongst their male students of color.  Selected schools receive a $10,000 unrestricted grant.  We encourage others to learn from the promising practices of these successful schools.

To apply, at least 25% of a school's students must be male students of color (African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, Native American, Multi-racial, etc.) and the academic achievement of its male students of color must be at least equal to the academic achievement of all students in its state.  District, charter and private; coed and single gender schools are invited to apply.  A school need not be a member of COSEBOC to submit an application nor will membership be considered during the selection process. 


The COSEBOC School Awards program is intended to celebrate successful schools. The COSEBOC Schools Award program will:

  • Identify, recognize, and reward schools that have a proven track record of effective pre K-6 education of its male students of color
  • Promote the replication of promising practices that contribute to the success of these schools
  • Demonstrate to the public that schools can successfully educate male students of color


  • Receive $10,000 cash grant
  • Attend and present on their strategies and promising practices at the upcoming COSEBOC Gathering of Leaders
  • Participate in national COSEBOC public education campaign highlighting their successes and promoting practices that contribute to their success

Past School Awards Winners

"The School Awards winners provide inspiration and a roadmap for success for schools seeking transformation. We recognize the dedicated educators who show us the way." ~ Ron Walker