Frequently Asked Questions: COSEBOC School Awards

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What is the timeline?

September 26, 2012
Release of 2013 COSEBOC School Award Application Package

October 10, 2012
Technical Assistance Conference Call

November 16, 2012
Deadline for submission of complete application

February 8, 2013 2013
COSEBOC School Award recipients announced

February/March 2013
COSEBOC staff work with award recipients on their presentations for the 2013 Gathering of Leaders

April 25-28, 2013
COSEBOC 2013 Gathering of Leaders in Chicago, IL

I missed the instructional webinar. Is there a recording available?

Yes, you can listen to the recording by clicking here

What materials must be submitted?

You are required to submit an online form for your school with all relevant items completed. You are also strongly encouraged to submit the following materials:

  • Support Materials 1 (Letters from students and parents) – Not to exceed 10 pages (2 pages per essay)
  • Support Materials 2 (Letters of recommendation) – Not to exceed 6 pages (2 pages per letter)
  • Support Materials 3 (Additional materials) – Not to exceed 15 pages

How do I access the Online Form?

Email indicating your intent to apply in order to receive a personalized link. There is no deadline to inform us of your intent to apply, but we recommend that you contact us ASAP.

Who is eligible?

Any Pre K, elementary or secondary school in the United States where at least 25% of the male students are students of color (African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, Native American, Multi-racial) is eligible to apply. In addition, academic achievement of its male students of color must be at least equal to the academic achievement of all students in its state.

Any preK, elementary or secondary school in the United States that meets both criteria is encouraged to submit an application. This includes district, charter, and private schools, as well as co-educational and single gender schools. A school need not be a member of COSEBOC to submit an application nor will membership in COSEBOC be considered during the selection process.

Can private schools apply?

Yes. We accept applications from any elementary or secondary school in the US that meets the eligibility criteria. This includes district, charter, and private schools, as well as co-educational and single gender schools.

Does my school need to be a member of COSEBOC to apply?

A school need not be a member of COSEBOC to submit an application nor will membership in COSEBOC be considered during the selection process.

If we win and participate in the 2013 COSEBOC Gathering of Leaders, who can attend and what expenses are covered?

COSEBOC will provide round-trip transportation, accommodations, and free registration to the 6th annual Gathering of Leaders for two representatives of each Award-winning school.

Can someone else nominate a school?

Yes, if they are able to complete all the forms and provide all requested information. However, all forms should be submitted under the name of the school rather than the nominating organization.

Is there a limit to the number of schools that can be nominated from the same district?

No. However, it’s important to note that these schools will be in competition with all schools in the competition, including the other schools in their district.

What does a winning school receive?

A winning school receives:

  • $10,000 cash grant
  • The opportunity to attend COSEBOC’s 6th annual Gathering of Leaders in Chicago IL on April 25-28, 2012, and to present a learning seminar on the promising practices that led to their successes
  • COSEBOC will feature the school in a national public education campaign highlighting the COSEBOC Award-winning schools and promoting the practices that led to their success.

Please clarify the criteria: “academic achievement of male students of color at least equal to the academic achievement of all students in the state” – is that students of color in the state or all students in the state, and are these state statistics just for male students?

This criteria asks you to demonstrate that male students of color at your school are meeting or exceeding the academic achievement of ALL students in the state.

Do you have the statistics for academic achievement for male students of color that you can share with me?

We do not have these statistics readily available. One place to start is the state’s department of education website. Often there are publically accessible reports of test data, etc listed. Most likely there are reports, which provide comparisons across race, gender, etc. It may be helpful to call the state’s education office to see if they can refer you to specific documents that include the data you need.

Our school serves students with limited financial needs and has a work study program; is this factor taken into consideration or is this strictly academically driven?

This award is not based strictly on academics. We are looking for schools whose male students of color excel academically and also demonstrate social/emotional development, appreciation for their own identity and heritage and that of others, and engagement in their community.

Would a school whose boys of color do not score at/above the state average for all students have a chance to win an award?

This award seeks schools whose male students of color excel academically. In order to be eligible, schools must demonstrate that “the academic achievement of its males students of color is equal to academic achievement of all students in its state.” One way to demonstrate that is through student performance on the state assessment. However, schools may present other evidence and reasons demonstrating that its male students of color excel academically when compared to the overall student population.

We are a network of schools. Do we provide a nomination form for one of our schools or our network?

This is an award for individual schools.  Networks can complete and submit applications for one or more individual schools within the network. However, each school competes with every other school that applies for an award. Therefore, if a network of schools chooses to submit applications for multiple schools, these schools will be competing against each other as well as with all other applicant schools.

Can the money be used for anything school related or are there restrictions?

The money is not restricted. COSEBOC will look forward to hearing how these funds were spent.

How many schools will be selected?

We plan to award up to five COSEBOC School Awards this year.

Can we submit DVDs, CDs, video files or audio files as part of the application?

We are not accepting DVDs, CDs, video files, or audio files as part of this stage of the application process for this award. However, you can include a written description of activities or quote comments from the DVD as part of your narrative statements in File 2.

What should we submit if we don’t have specific data on alumni outcomes?

You can apply without the specific numbers that the application requests. Give us whatever data on alumni you can.

We have only been an organization for 2 years. Would it be in our best interest to wait until next year to apply for this grant when our inaugural class of students will actually have been at our school for three years?

We will consider proposals submitted from schools with less than three years of data. However when comparing schools with similar records of excellence, the review panel will generally favor schools with a three-year record of excellence over those with less than three years of data. As a result, having less than three years of data could serve as a disadvantage to your school during the review process. Nevertheless if you can present compelling evidence that your school is a strong candidate for an award, we would welcome your submission this year.

I am the principal for a school that serves a high percentage of minority children. We are a school that is k-8th grade. Would we be eligible for the grant?

Yes, we welcome applications from K-8 schools.

We are unable to obtain all of the state level data you request. How do you suggest that we respond to the data requests for each of the charts?

If you are unable to obtain any of the information requested by any of these charts in the application, please very briefly explain your unsuccessful efforts to obtain that information in response to the narrative question that follows each chart ("List all data source(s) used in responding to the chart"). You should then use the other parts of the application to present your successful record for meeting the academic and social needs of young men of color. Your application will not be disqualified solely because you are unable to complete any of the charts in the application.

How many applications do you usually get?

Last year, we received 35 applications.

My state is delaying the release of data. Can you accept preliminary data for last year (2011-2012)? We will also cite and send internal data.

Yes, we will accept preliminary data. However, please do explain your situation in your application.

I represent a school that has a single gender program, within a co-ed school. It impacts about 75 boys out of student population of 700. Is this single gender program eligible for a school award?

We are accepting applications only from whole schools, not school-based programs. However, two or more schools located in the same building or a “school within a school” can apply separately.

If the school is a charter school comprising three schools that serve students in grades K-12, do we apply by school (elementary, middle or high) or do we apply by charter?

If you consider and operate each as a separate school, you should submit one application per school.