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Racial Equity and Student-Centered Learning

COSEBOC announces the publication of a new report, “Racial Equity and Student-Centered Learning”. This report was jointly developed with the Education Development Center (EDC) and funded by the Nellie Mae Education Foundation (NMEF).

The report presents the results of a series of focus groups and interviews with high school students, parents, educators, local advocates, and community-based organizations from across New England conducted by the COSEBOC/EDC team with assistance from local partners.

The report describes examples of systemic racism, oppression, and racial inequities reflected across a wide range of policies and practices that affect students of color in schools across the region. It also highlights the potential for Student-Centered Learning practices to advance racial equity, but only as part of broader, community-informed efforts that integrate other racial equity strategies and practices. Community-based organizations working with students are well-positioned to organize and carry out such efforts in partnerships with local education leaders.

The next phase of this project has already begun. During this phase, the COSEBOC/EDC team will use a participatory action research approach to investigate the development and use of equitable student-centered learning practices by community stakeholders to advance racial equity in schools.

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