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On the Loudspeaker with David Johns

Published on Apr 13, 2016

President Obama’s pick to head the White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans knows that all children can succeed if we expect them to. In this interview with Loudspeaker Films’ Kelly Amis, we see David Johns in action, passionately addressing students from pre-K to high school as well as an audience of teachers ready to help transform education in America. We also learn how a young boy growing up in “The Jungles” of Inglewood, California ended up leading this national initiative at the U.S. Department of Education. To learn more about David Johns’ work, go to To learn more about Loudspeaker Films, go to

Cinematography: ShakaJamal and Fatima Nasiyr
Editing: ShakaJamal
Original Music: Kev Choice

Special thanks to Lauren Mims, U.S. Department of Education