Ivory Toldson and Chance Lewis have completed a report, Challenge the Status Quo, that was presented to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this past summer. It was funded partly by the Congressional Black Caucus, and it seeks to dispel myths about young Black men and to provide real approaches to challenging the way things are.

The purpose of this report is to:

  1. unveil policy solutions for inequities in U.S. public schools that impede academic progress of school-age...

It’s interesting what makes news or what makes an event news. If it’s not picked up the main stream presss it doesn’t make it very far.

It’s now almost two months since the President issued his Executive order - White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for African Americans - but there are few out there who are aware of it or who know what it says.

It is news and very important news. While most educators know the...

Ivory A. Toldson, Ph.D.

“Among the nearly 40,000 black male 9th graders currently in honors classes, 2.5% have been told they have a Learning Disability, 3.3% Autism, and 6% ADHD... Black males with and without disabilities can excel in schools that have adequate opportunities for diverse learners and a structure that supports personal and emotional growth and development”;

For the data presented in this report, the author analyzed 17,587 black, Hispanic, and white male and female students (black male N = 1,149) who completed the High School Longitudinal...