I've always been a bit wary of bringing the street into the classroom; not because I thought it was a bad idea to use outside experiences to raise student interest but rather because it is too often simplisticly implemented.

Back in 1969 I was a reading teacher at an experimental school in Philadelphia and I hit upon the idea of a theme based program around boxing. All the kids seemed excited about the idea so I gathered books and articles at different reading levels about boxers and boxing, and offered them to the kids in lieu of the usual reading curriculum...

Ron Walker, COSEBOC Executive Director

Greetings COSEBOC Friends and Colleagues,

I am pleased to announce the launch of the new COSEBOC website Over the past few months, our staff have been hard at work to make the website more informative, useful to practitioners, and easy to navigate. In the spirit of this holiday season, we hope that it serves...

(Re) Authorizing Literacy Practices for African American Boys

by Alfred W. Tatum, Ph.D.
University of Illinois at Chicago

The education of young children has been discussed for more than two centuries in the United States. However, we are in our infancy discussing instructional practices and methods that advance the reading and writing achievement of African American boys. This is not to say that African American boys have not been excelling at both for a very long time, but the voices of those who specifically advocate for their reading and...

From a Northside local:

Grant Helps DePaul Boost Graduation Rates Among Minorities

A Bank of America grant is aimed at helping the Lincoln Park university research to find effective methods to boost graduation rates among young Black and Hispanic men.

The statistics are startling.

Only 52 percent of Black men and 58 percent of Hispanic men...

Announcement of Webinar: From Rigid to Responsive - Better Approaches to School Discipline 

Date: Wednesday, December 5, 2012 - 1:00pm - 2:30pm EST

Featuring: Jason Sinocruz, Staff Attorney for the Advancement Project and John Simmons, Executive Director of Student Services for the Denver Public Schools

In recent years, there has been significant debate about the unintended consequences of harsh discipline policies, and the disproportionate impact on students of color. School achievement is negatively affected by these rigid...

This is a reminder that the deadline for submission of the COSEBOC School Awards application is Friday, November 16th.

Schools Administrators interested in these $10,000 grants must notify COSEBOC via email at to receive the personalized link required to access the application
form only available online. Guidelines and answers to Frequently Asked Questions are available on our website. 

On November 6, 2012, Education Week featured an article entitled, "Suspended in School: Punished But Still Learning" to highlight schools in Baltimore, Los Angeles, and the state of Minnesota that have taken a different approach to school discipline. This issue of harsh school discipline disproportionately affects students of color, with African-American males being the most severely impacted. To stem this problem, many schools nationwide are using creative school-based discipline options to continue to provide instruction while addressing behavior issues. This allows...

October 3, 2012
Ron Walker attended, by invitation, the Open Society Black Male Achievement Convening -- What Winning Looks Like: Investing in What Works

Excitement opened the Open Society Black Male Achievement convening. The room was filled with leaders of organizations from across the nation that are positively impacting the efforts to save the lives of black men and boys. Speakers included Mayor Michael Bloomberg, George Soros, Susan Taylor, Magic Johnson and others. Afternoon speakers included many COSEBOC colleagues - Urban Prep Founder/CEO and COSEBOC...

August 28, 2012
Mississippi Leadership Academy Director Sean Vann presented at the Mississippi Department of Education conference on dropout prevention. See presentations

August 27, 2012
Executive Director Ron Walker made a presentation on Successful Learning Communities at the National Summit on Educational Excellence and Opportunity for African American Males, sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council on Great City Schools.