Students at the Eagle Academy for Young Men in 2008


In September, the Eagle Academy Foundation will open a new school in Harlem: a school for boys only, from grades 6 through 12.

We expect, along the way, to encounter charges of gender bias — and, perhaps, litigation — from the American Civil Liberties Union, which has already launched or threatened lawsuits against a dozen school districts, claiming that single-gender public schools violate equal-protection laws.

In La Crosse, Wis., just this year, the threat of litigation by the ACLU...

The Expanded Success Initiative School Design Fellowship will design and launch a breakthrough high school model whose outcomes are measured by college and career success for Black and Latino young men and women.  The model will result in the launch of eight new high schools that pilot the new design, proposed to open in fall 2014 as both district and charter variations.  The schools will serve both young men and women, enrolled primarily from five of NYC’s highest-poverty neighborhoods. 

Experts are finding ways to address the persistent achievement gap faced by African-American males.

By Jonathan Sapers, Scholastic

Two students Ron Walker encountered while working as a young teacher in Philadelphia led him to start the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color. The first, Wendell Holiday, told Walker proudly in his seventh-grade social studies class that he wanted to be president of the United States. A few weeks later, he was killed in gang fight.

The second was ninth...

From a Northside local:

Grant Helps DePaul Boost Graduation Rates Among Minorities

A Bank of America grant is aimed at helping the Lincoln Park university research to find effective methods to boost graduation rates among young Black and Hispanic men.

The statistics are startling.

Only 52 percent of Black men and 58 percent of Hispanic men...

Here’s a brief description of the new 100 Black Men Community School in Oakland California. It may sound familiar to those of you who know or know of David Banks and his work in NYC.

The school, 100 Black Men Community School, started and financially supported by the Bay Area chapter of the 100 Black Men nonprofit organization, is open to all male students, but it was created specifically for issues facing black boys - including difficult family lives, street...

Pablo Noguera, Director of New York University’s Metropolitan Center for Urban Education  in a recent opinion piece for Ed Week and Phi Delta Kappan argues that there is no research that shows that single sex schools-particularly for young men of color-in themeselves improve these students academic success.

Noguera did find, however, a number of schools both single sex and co-educational that did have a history of success...

Ivory Toldson and Chance Lewis have completed a report, Challenge the Status Quo, that was presented to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this past summer. It was funded partly by the Congressional Black Caucus, and it seeks to dispel myths about young Black men and to provide real approaches to challenging the way things are.

The purpose of this report is to:

  1. unveil policy solutions for inequities in U.S. public schools that impede academic progress of school-age...

Ivory A. Toldson, Ph.D.

“Among the nearly 40,000 black male 9th graders currently in honors classes, 2.5% have been told they have a Learning Disability, 3.3% Autism, and 6% ADHD... Black males with and without disabilities can excel in schools that have adequate opportunities for diverse learners and a structure that supports personal and emotional growth and development”;

For the data presented in this report, the author analyzed 17,587 black, Hispanic, and white male and female students (black male N = 1,149) who completed the High School Longitudinal...