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Statement by Ron Walker Concerning Tragic Events in Ferguson

Statement by Ron Walker, Executive Director, Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color (COSEBOC) Concerning Tragic Events in Ferguson

Nov. 25, 2014: “There are many lessons to be learned from the tragic events in Ferguson,” said Ron Walker, Executive Director of the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color, (COSEBOC).  “The death of Michael Brown, police response, and the community reaction show the critical importance of cultural competency, or how we relate to each other.  As educators, we know positive outcomes for young men of color happen when adults understand the young people in their community and pro-actively support their academic, social and emotional development.  We are calling on schools to create learning environments that support culturally competent educators and young men. And we are calling on police to be trained to understand and serve their communities in appropriate ways – in moments of crisis and every day.”



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