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Schools Use Gallup Poll Data to Go Beyond Academics

Schools gather a lot of data to draw an academic picture of a student such as test scores, grades, and attendance. But what schools know less about are the root causes that explain why a student does not come to school, or why their grades are slipping. In Northern Kentucky, school leaders are learning that understanding these root causes are the key to being able to provide individual student interventions and school-wide services that increase student success.  

Schools in Northern Kentucky were selected by The Ready by 21 National Partnership and Gallup to participate in piloting an enhanced Gallup Student Poll that asks students about their hope, engagement and well-being. This enhanced poll gives each student a composite “Ready for the Future” score.  Schools then use this data to plan and provide student interventions such as goal-setting, counseling and service-learning opportunities, and to develop community-based partnerships for services like tutoring, mentoring, or truancy diversion.

By knowing the non-academic barriers that students are facing, schools are now positioning themselves to be more supportive environments that address those obstacles to success.

Learn more about Ready by 21 and the Gallup Poll work.



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