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Free Video Teleconference with King Romero Wesson, Feb 18, 2020

Free Video Teleconference with King Romero Wesson

COSEBOC is proud to announce King Romero Wesson as speaker in our 2019-20 educational teleconference series, Conversations with Deep Thinkers. The goal of this series is to create, deepen and strengthen the capacity of educators and advocates dedicated to the affirmative development of boys and young men of color. This free, online conversation will take place on February 18, 2020.

Conversations with Deep Thinkers is a powerful forum for learning and inquiry. In these one-hour teleconference calls, Ron Walker engages prominent leaders in an inquiry that is focused on COSEBOC's 2020 theme: Young Kings of Color: Learning from the Footprints of the Past, Taking Footsteps to the Future. These conversations are followed by a Q&A inviting audience participation. 

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