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Executive Summary

Ivory Toldson and Chance Lewis have completed a report, Challenge the Status Quo, that was presented to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte this past summer. It was funded partly by the Congressional Black Caucus, and it seeks to dispel myths about young Black men and to provide real approaches to challenging the way things are.

The purpose of this report is to:

  1. unveil policy solutions for inequities in U.S. public schools that impede academic progress of school-age Black males;  
  2. change the public perception that school-age Black males are completely disaffected and incapable of adapting to the educational system;
  3. reveal data that promotes a pathway through curricular offerings that will move Black males from public schools to colleges and universities; 
  4. examine the impact of teacher preparation and compensation on the academic achievement of Black males; 
  5. break the discipline gap barrier in our nation’s schools; and 
  6. provide the schools, parents, policymakers, and community leaders with strategies to support Black males in schools.

Each of the sections of this report provides important pieces of the puzzle that are necessary to Challenge the Status Quo and make sure that all who are concerned can have the data to know that our Black males have the capability.

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