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Eagle Academy West

Here’s a brief description of the new 100 Black Men Community School in Oakland California. It may sound familiar to those of you who know or know of David Banks and his work in NYC.

The school, 100 Black Men Community School, started and financially supported by the Bay Area chapter of the 100 Black Men nonprofit organization, is open to all male students, but it was created specifically for issues facing black boys - including difficult family lives, street culture, community violence and lack of male role models outside professional sports and the music industry

Organizers say the school will be rigorous while focusing on African American culture and individual identity based on a wide range of role models.

The school opened its doors to 90 students, but expects to enroll 120 male students in kindergarten and first, fourth, fifth and sixth grades this year and eventually add grades to grow into a K-12 with 900 students.

Mentors will be an integral part of the school, which will offer pre-med, aeronautics, robotics and other math and science programs.

It was modeled in part after the Eagle Academy for Young Men, started by the 100 Black Men New York chapter in 2004, where the graduation rate is more than 80 percent compared with 30 percent for African American males across New York City.

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