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COSEBOC understands what is expected of school leaders and the demand for improving academic achievement among students.  Our members have the insight, knowledge and useful tools that speak to the real experiences of today’s school leaders. If you are interested in joining this movement of care and change, COSEBOC offers the following:

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Member Benefits

  • Access to network of recognized leaders & practitioners in the field of education, family and youth services to improve the education and life chances of BYMOC 
  • Access to the COSEBOC Standards with a new Core Area focused on Social and Emotional Learning and Support
  • Access to teleconferences with Ron Walker and nationally recognized thought leaders in this space. Upcoming speakers: Dr. Karen Mapp of Harvard University, Ms. Sydney Chaffee, 2017 Teacher of the Year and Dr. Curtis Acosta, Expert on Ethnic Studies. Audio recordings will be available upon request.

  • Access to discounted registration fees at COSEBOC Regional and Annual Gatherings

Upcoming Teleconference/Video Series: COSEBOC Conversations

Our teleconference series, Conversations with Influential Deep Thinkers, are a powerful forum for learning and inquiry. In these 1 hour conference calls for COSEBOC members, Ron Walker engages prominent leaders in the field, opening up a field of inquiry, and followed by Q&A for audience participation.  


  • March 5, 2019, 4pm EST
    Richard Taylor
    At the age of 30, Richard Taylor Jr., on a mission to be a voice of love & healing for his generation and the generations to come. His high-energy motivational youtube series “Getting Over The Hump," World renown podcast “Between The Dream” and 5 best selling books have quickly positioned him as one of the fastest growing speakers in the US.
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  • Kamau Ptah
    COSEBOC Program Design and Facilitation SpecialistKamau is an educational leader, teacher, traveler, historian, drummer, writer and student of indigenous wisdom teachings are all terms that characterize Kamau Ptah. For over 20 years Kamau has been a custodian and practitioner of the rite of passage system of transformative teaching and learning. Please join us for this deep and informative conversation.
  • Dr. Curtis Acosta
    Expert on Ethnic Studies, Learn More
  • Ms. Sydney Chaffee 
    2017 Teacher of the Year
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  • Dr. Karen Mapp
    Senior Lecturer on Education
    Faculty Director, Education Policy and ManagementHarvard University
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Recordings are available FREE for COSEBOC Members.


Discounts on Gathering of Leaders, where allies convene for an intensive three days to network and connect, share and learn promising practices, current research and policy, and advocacy efforts. The Gathering of Leaders is a place of inspiration and spiritual renewal for those who attend. 

  • $125 discount on registration fee for annual Gathering of Leaders for staff of organizationsschool and district members
  • $75 discount on registration fee for annual Gathering of Leaders for individual members

Online Network with COSEBOC Members

  • A FaceBook Group network for our members to share successes and challenges in real-time with colleagues


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