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Virtual Gathering of Leaders

Dear COSEBOC friends and supporters,

On behalf of the Board of Directors and staff of the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color, it is my pleasure to send you this note of thanks.

As many of you know, COSEBOC was scheduled to host its 14th Gathering of Leaders in the great city of Seattle, Washington on April 28-30, 2020. With the onset of COVID-19, we were forced to cancel our signature event. This situation faced us with a significant challenge. Like many other non-profits, we made a hard pivot in order to keep COSEBOC moving forward so that we could continue to provide quality professional development.

Thus, the Virtual Gathering of Leaders was born. As you can attest, I believe, by your presence, each session poured powerful information into our hearts and minds. We are extremely grateful for the contributions of time, talent and expertise so willingly shared by Dr. Bettina Love, Dr. Shawn Ginwright, Dr. Rhonda Bryant, and Dr. Karen Mapp. Each presentation was exceptional, provocative, and designed to incite action in service of boys and young men of color and their villages. 

These great speakers were complemented by your loyal presence and participation. Without you, the success generated by the Virtual Gathering of Leaders would not have come to fruition. You were the difference that made the difference! 

Although we are taking a few weeks away from the virtual stage, you can be assured that COSEBOC will return. Please be on the watch for our virtual fall and winter schedule of dynamic speakers. And please continue to support the COSEBOC movement by becoming a member or renewing your membership. Movements need members, and COSEBOC membership matters!

With deep appreciation,

Ron Walker


Message from COSEBOC Executive Director, Ron Walker

The COSEBOC Mission

The mission of the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color is to connect, inspire, support and strengthen school leaders dedicated to the social, emotional and academic development of boys and young men of color. 

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Ron Walker's Book, Solomon's Plan, Available for Purchase

After many years of thinking about writing a book to share a story about the power of hope, resilience and family, I finally did it. With the generous and consistent support of the American Reading Company, the book, Solomon's Plan, Gift Of Education from a Father to His Son is a reality. It is written in honor of my father, Solomon Walker. Solomon Walker, born in 1915 in Gaffney, South Carolina, never went to school, lost both parents at a young age and with determination made his way to Philadelphia at the age of 19 to begin a new life. The book is for students from middle school up and also a great read for adults. It is a very teachable, well researched and culturally vibrant read.

James Baldwin

by Ron Walker, June 15, 2020: “The children of the despised and rejected are menaced from the moment they stir in the womb.” I open my written thoughts purposefully with this quote from the great American writer and poet, James Baldwin. Why are the children of the despised and rejected so menaced? My name is Ronald Elmore Walker. I am honored to be the Executive Director of the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color. I have been moved to write because of the gruesome and traumatic video that was the public lynching of George Floyd. My emotional state has been further impacted by the more recent death of another Black man, Rayshard Brooks.

George Floyd and the Countless Others we Memorialize Today

by Ron Walker, June 9, 2020: Another name has been added to the roll of black women and men murdered by unchecked police violence. His name is George Floyd. George’s first name joins Emmett, Trayvon, Eric, Michael, Laquan, Tamir, Walter, Freddie, Sandra, Philando, Botham, Breonna, Ahmaud, and others whose names we do not know lost to the persistent and insidious dehumanization that is embedded within the fiber of America.

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