Teleconference: A COSEBOC Conversation with Dr. Edward Fergus-Arcia

Wednesday, May 17, 2017 - 4:00pm to 5:00pm
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Free Teleconference with Dr. Edward Fergus-Arcia

Solving Disproportionality & Achieving Equity: Using Data to Change Hearts & Minds

With Dr. Edward Fergus-Arcia

The conversations on disproportionality on special education, gifted/AP/honors, and suspension center on the role of policy and practice in contributing to these outcomes. This conversation will focus on the role of bias-based beliefs as a fabric of school culture and its impact on setting the stage for disproportionate outcomes. We will explore tools for addressing system level reform and re-aligning practitioners' beliefs. 


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Dr. Eddie Fergus-Arcia

Eddie Fergus is an applied researcher at New York University. His work explores the effects of educational policy and practice as it intersects the lives of populations living in vulnerable conditions. More specifically his policy work extrapolates the relationship between discipline codes of conduct, gifted program practice, and academic referral processes and the educational outcomes of low-income and racial/ethnic minority student populations. This work also outlines policy and practice changes in order for schools to develop as protective environments for vulnerable populations. Fergus consultants on these policy and practice changes with state departments of education (e.g., California and Texas) and U.S. Department of Justice on disproportionality. Additionally, his publications include basic research on educational outcomes of populations in vulnerable conditions, and data workbooks focused on monitoring policy and practice changes.

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Solving Disproportionality and Achieving Equity: Using Data to Change Hearts and Minds