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Dear Mama: Honoring Mother’s Day

Delores Gwendolyn Walker, if she were alive today, would be in the vanguard. Without a shadow of a doubt, she would champion the movement to Save our Sons. As this Mother’s Day approaches it gives me cause to pause and reflect upon the role that mothers have historically played in the lives of black and brown boys and young men. Think about the recent act of love publicly displayed by Toya Graham, the Baltimore mother who raced into harms way to save her son from himself.

Think about the regal grace and air of forgiveness extended by Sabrina Fulton who lost Trayvon to a senseless act of violence. And think about Mamie Till the mother of Emmitt Till who decided to open her sons casket to show the world what racial hatred and injustice can do to a human being.

Many nameless mothers of boys and young men have and continue to stand tall for their sons. They do what they must despite obstacles faced. They persevere with determined zeal so that that their sons can experience a bright future.

The late great Tupac Shakur said it best in his memorable, Dear Mama. “When it seems like I’m hopeless, you say the words to get me back in focus.” I appreciate you! And he continued with this, “There is no way I can pay you back but my plan is show you that I understand”. You are appreciated! On this Mother’s Day and every day, I urge us to lift up our Dear Mamas. They are the backbone of the movement. We love you.