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COSEBOC 3rd Edition of Standards Available Online!

It is with a great deal of excitement and satisfaction that I send this email. This week, the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color officially has officially released the 3rd edition of Standards and Promising Practices for Schools Educating Boys of Color. It is a keystone document for educators committed to the affirmative development and education of boys and young men of color. For the first time, we are making our signature document available to our national network of both members and non-members. 

Download the New Release! COSEBOC Standards and Professional Practices

This third edition of the Standards addresses 7 core areas that typically represent areas of school transformation. It includes a rich and thoughtful array of indicators and criteria that can help leaders and educators to understand how to build succ

essful and productive learning environments for all students and, in particular, male students of color.

The Standards were born in 2009 after a series of conversations with Professors Pedro Noguera and Edward Fergus-Arcia. Both men, while engaged in a major study of single gender schools for males, advised COSEBOC to create a document that enable school and district educators to better assess the social, emotional and learning environment required to effectively educate male students of color.

Making the Standards available to all is based on our belief  that educators can readily achieve a successful narrative for boys and young men of color when equipped with proven research and evidenced-based tools. Therefore we encourage EVERYONE who believes in the promise and potential of these students to use this document in the assessment of your school or district learning environment to the fullest extent possible. We also encourage you to share it with your colleagues. Please share stories with the COSEBOC team on how you used the Standards in the mission to achieve exemplary outcomes for boys and young men of color

In solidarity,