Consider a Gift to COSEBOC

Dear Friends of COSEBOC,

Now is the time for bold actions that will disrupt the cycle of dehumanization that boys and young men of color experience. Tomorrow is too late! The year 2020 has peeled back the shroud covering long-established inequities in the communities of color our students call home. Too many names of those whose lives have been senselessly lost are chiseled on the tombs of the departed.

The Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color is issuing a call for your support. During the upcoming season of giving, there is no doubt that you will receive many petitions for your donations, all from worthy causes. I ask that you take a moment to see through this blizzard of requests to consider the COSEBOC cause. Our mission to save our sons has not strayed in the more than 15 years since our inception. We remain committed to the affirmative social, emotional, cultural, and academic development of Boys and Young Men of Color.

Your donor support can be the difference that makes the difference!

Thank you!

Ron Walker
Executive Director

Mail-In Donation

You may also make your donation by sending a check to:

255 Main Street, 8th Floor
Cambridge, MA 02142