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Boston News Network Interviews Ron Walker of COSEBOC and Wilmer Quinones of Sociedad Latina

by Ron Walker

The presence of the Academic Achievement still remains pervasive in this nations public schools. And it is compounded in urban schools by an equally pervasive Opportunity Gap. On November 19, 2015, I had the honor to present a few comments on the COSEBOC’s to combat both in an interview hosted by the Boston News Network. Wilmer Quinones, youth coordinator for Sociedad Latina, an exceptional Boston based organization was the other person being interviewed. Wilmer added a powerful touch to the interview. He provided the authentic voice of a young man who overcame stereotypes, low expectations and being undervalued. Together, we shared information about the first student gathering for male students of color on December 12th and the first COSEBOC Regional Gathering hosted in Boston on December 14th.

Both events, designed for students, educators and community advocates are designed to announce the campaign to generate a new 21st narrative for boys and young men of color.