Frequently Asked Questions: Youth Passage

May I register an 8th grade student?

Yes, you may register your 8th grader(s) for the Youth Program.

Is there a fee for chaperones?

The 2-day registration fee for chaperones is $125. This information will be added to the registration form by the end of the week (3/3/17).

We would like chaperones to make a 2-day commitment. If it isn't possible, one registration may be shared between 2 chaperones (one for each full-day). Please notify our GOL Registrar, Andrea Hurley, 857-267-3262 x25 or at if you anticipate the sharing of a "chaperone registration".

What is the best ratio of chaperones to students?

The optimum ratio is 1:8, but we will allow 1:10.

May I shadow the youth group during their program day?

There is only 1 segment of the program where shadowing is allowed. On Thursday morning at 7:30 a.m. when the young men are receiving instruction in "Cultural Competency" prior to the Walk of Integrity.

If you are interested in the development of a school-based program, you may speak to our Young Men Passage Directors at the Gathering for further information and, of course, feel free to debrief the day(s) with the youth chaperones from your school.

Register early! 

When we reach our limit of 200 young men, registration will automatically close. Typically school/district groups are generally 10-20 youth. However, we do not limit the number of students from any one entity.