Mission, Vision & Purpose


The mission of the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color (COSEBOC) is to connect, inspire, support and strengthen school leaders who are dedicated to the affirmative social, emotional, cultural, and academic development of boys and young men of color.

Learn about the Story of COSEBOC, narrated by COSEBOC Executive Director and National Leader, Ron Walker


COSEBOC is a national education organization of practitioners solely focused on promoting the educational success of boys and young men of color. COSEBOC works with all schools – preK-12th grade; public, charter and private; coed and single gender. COSEBOC connects research, policy and practice and is a learning community for school leaders.

COSEBOC’s growing menu of programs and services are rooted in our COSEBOC Standards for Educating Boys and Young Men of Color, a framework for what a school should offer and do if it intends for its male students of color to succeed.


The potential for boys and young men of color is as boundless as the universe is endless. COSEBOC will be intentional in our mission to empower these students as they strive to actualize their full social, emotional, physical, cultural and academic potential.

COSEBOC’s Theory of Action

If We:

  1. Define standards for successfully educating boys and young men of color
  2. Develop assessment tools and processes for using these standards to identify relevant organizational strengths and needs
  3. Identify and develop programs and approaches for achieving those standards
  4. Strengthen and expand our strategic partnerships with national organizations and experts that share our mission
  5. Convene and mobilize our national network of members, contacts, and allies

Then We Can: 

  1. Facilitate and support education leaders to develop their capacity to use the standards and assessment tools to identify their schools’ organizational strengths, assets, and needs
  2. Facilitate and support education leaders to strengthen their capacity to establish and sustain collaborations with national and local organizations to promote equity for boys and young men of color
  3. Facilitate and support education leaders and their staff to develop plans that leverage their strengths and assets to implement effective culturally-responsive and authentically-designed programs and approaches identified as advancing the relevant standards
  4. Develop and support long-standing and emerging community leadership to promote school change efforts focused on promoting equity for boys and young men of color
  5. Advance efforts to disrupt policies and practices that have been punitive and dehumanizing for boys and young men of color


  • School and community leaders working together can transform the schooling experience for boys and young men of color by attacking systemic racism and offering more equitable opportunities;


  • Boys and young men of color will demonstrate greater academic, social-emotional, and cultural development and more equitable outcomes in their educational achievement, promotion and graduation rates, and post-secondary success.