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Save the Dates for the Next Virtual Gatherings: "Reclaiming Our Humanity and Restoring Our Village" July 21 & Aug6, 2020

Get ready for the next exhilarating pair of professional development sessions from COSEBOC’s Virtual Gathering of Leaders 2020! The current climate of our country and the challenges of starting the 2020-2021 school year make these two events critical.

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Message from COSEBOC Executive Director, Ron Walker

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The mission of the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color is to connect, inspire, support and strengthen school leaders dedicated to the social, emotional and academic development of boys and young men of color. 

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James Baldwin

by Ron Walker, June 15, 2020: “The children of the despised and rejected are menaced from the moment they stir in the womb.” I open my written thoughts purposefully with this quote from the great American writer and poet, James Baldwin. Why are the children of the despised and rejected so menaced? My name is Ronald Elmore Walker. I am honored to be the Executive Director of the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color. I have been moved to write because of the gruesome and traumatic video that was the public lynching of George Floyd. My emotional state has been further impacted by the more recent death of another Black man, Rayshard Brooks.

George Floyd and the Countless Others we Memorialize Today

by Ron Walker, June 9, 2020: Another name has been added to the roll of black women and men murdered by unchecked police violence. His name is George Floyd. George’s first name joins Emmett, Trayvon, Eric, Michael, Laquan, Tamir, Walter, Freddie, Sandra, Philando, Botham, Breonna, Ahmaud, and others whose names we do not know lost to the persistent and insidious dehumanization that is embedded within the fiber of America.

by Ron Walker: This year, the theme for the Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color (COSEBOC) 14th Annual Gathering of Leaders, Boys and Young Men of Color: Learning from the Footprints of the Past; Taking Footsteps to the Future, has surely made an impact on me. As we approach this year's Gathering in Seattle, I have been thinking about two of my former students, Wendell Holiday and Kevin Johnson. These young black males were 7th and 9th grade students of mine during my early years as a teacher in Philadelphia.

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