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Gratitude: A Salute to Ron Walker,  celebrating Ron Walker’s storied history of work at COSEBOC and beyond.


Advancing the Affirmative Development of Boys and Young Men of Color

COSEBOC is committed to connecting, inspiring, supporting, and strengthening educators and community members who are dedicated to the social, emotional, cultural, and academic development of boys and young men of color. The COSEBOC movement advances the belief that all students, including boys and young men of color, possess the gifts, talents, and genius to excel in school, career, and life.

Professional Development Courses

COSEBOC offers a series of three professional development courses for teams of educators and community members. They are designed to enhance participants’ knowledge and skill in promoting equity and excellence for all students, particularly by focusing on the education and empowerment of boys and young men of color.

Standards for Schools Educating Boys of Color

For PK-12 teams. COSEBOC Standards is the foundational course we recommend as a starting point for all teams. Participants apply research-based standards to identify strengths and challenges and develop action plans.

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D.R.U.M. (Discovering Rituals, Understanding Manhood) Facilitator Course

For teams of men of color who work with middle and high school students. This course introduces teams of educators to the Rites of Passage experience and prepares them to incorporate the D.R.U.M. framework into their own program for boys and young men of color. Learn More

Footprints and Footsteps

For middle and high school teams. This course prepares teams of educators to implement the COSEBOC Footprints and Footsteps curriculum, designed to empower youth by introducing them to voices of the past, voices of today, and their own voices of tomorrow.

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Latest News & Updates

Ron Walker and Dr. Olga Acosta Price
26 Sep 2023
COSEBOC Leadership Updates
We shared with you in April that after 16 years as the Founder and Executive Director of COSEBOC, Ron Walker would soon be stepping down from his role in order to begin a new chapter. September 30 will be Ron’s last day at the helm of this great organization, but in the short-term, he will continue to serve behind the scenes as an advisor.
Join us in October, 2023 for a celebration with and for Ron Walker
14 Jul 2023
Come Celebrate with Us in October!
Don’t miss out on these wonderful brunch events in Philadelphia and Boston celebrating Ron Walker’s storied history of work at COSEBOC and beyond. The events will feature tributes from friends, collaborators, and donors from past events, in addition to brunch. Enjoy this short “gratitude” video!
COSEBOC selects the Newton Public Schools as its inaugural Vanguard District
24 Jun 2023
COSEBOC selects the Newton Public Schools as its inaugural Vanguard District
COSEBOC is pleased to announce the selection of the Newton (MA) Public Schools as our inaugural Vanguard District. The distinction is designed to recognize and deepen the school district’s work in diversity, equity, and inclusion, particularly to support the development and success of boys and young men of color.
Dr. Pedro Noguera, Conversations with Thought Leaders
15 Jun 2023
Video Recording! Conversation with Thought Leader, Dr. Pedro Noguera
Dr. Pedro Noguera is a Professor, Dean, writer, social justice activist, and esteemed friend of COSEBOC. In this video he speaks with us as a guest speaker in our "Conversation with Thought Leaders" series about the role of standards for schools educating boys of color. Enjoy this complimentary recording.
COSEBOC Launches Interagency D.R.U.M. Facilitator Course for the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts
04 Mar 2023
COSEBOC Launches Interagency D.R.U.M. Facilitator Course for the City of Cambridge, Massachusetts
On the snowy morning of February 28, 2023, a group of 20 men of color gathered to embark on the D.R.U.M. journey. The participants included middle school teachers, an elementary school clerk, college and career counselors, family and community engagement specialists, out-of-school time coordinators, and other roles from across the City of Cambridge...
The Center of Humanity is Love
14 Sep 2023
The Center of Humanity is Love
In this short video, Jamila Sams speaks about the value of being a lifetime learner; learning from our colleagues, and learning from our students. She shares her understanding of humanity and love as the center of equity work, providing us the strength to push through challenges we encounter.

The COSEBOC Difference

“The COSEBOC approach has been distinguished by its emphasis that support for boys and young men of color must build on their strengths rather than focus on their deficits and challenges, and by an enduring belief that if we change the schools and support systems available to them, we can also improve their academic and developmental outcomes.”

– Pedro A. Noguera, Ph.D.
Dean, Rossier School of Education
Distinguished Professor of Education
University of Southern California

Pedro Noguera

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