Standards-Based Professional Development Services

Intoductory Workshop on COSEBOC's Standards and Promising Practices for Schools Educating Boys of Color

Workshop Description

Participants consider an overview of the development COSEBOC's Standards and Promising Practices for School Educating Boys of Color, and explore the rationale for using the document as a school-wide assessment tool. They then develop a working knowledge of the content of the seven core areas of the Standards by using them to assess the strengths and gaps in their own schools and by analyzing the leadership skills and beliefs that are necessary for implementing the Standards. The session ends with an opportunity to reframe one’s own leadership, as participants make plans for effective use of the Standards in their schools with faculty members.  All participants receive a copy of the full Standards document.

Who is this Workshop for?

These sessions are designed for teams of school administrators/leaders or teams of school administrators/teachers.  One COSEBOC facilitator works with up to 25 participants; a facilitator will be added if there are more than 25 participants.