2014 COSEBOC Annual School Awards

COSEBOC First Annual Awards to Inspiring Educational Leaders

The guidelines and application form for the 2014 COSEBOC School Awards

The COSEBOC School Awards program is intended to celebrate successful schools. The COSEBOC Schools Award program will:

  • Identify, recognize, and reward schools that have a proven track record of effective pre K-6 education of its male students of color
  • Promote the replication of promising practices that contribute to the success of these schools
  • Demonstrate to the public that schools can successfully educate male students of color  

Eligible Applicants

Any pre K-6 school in the United States (including district, charter, or private schools) where at least 25% of the male students are students of color (African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, Native American, Multi-racial).   

COSEBOC School Award Recipients

  • Receive $10,000 cash grant
  • Attend and present on their strategies and promising practices at 2014 COSEBOC Gathering of Leaders in Jackson, MS
  • Participate in national COSEBOC public education campaign highlighting their successes and promoting practices that contribute to their success

2014 School Awards Application: Instructions for Completing & Submitting Application

2014: Sample Form & Application

Sample Application Form

Download PDF here

Application Package

Download PDF here

APPLICATION CONTENT: To be considered for a 2014 COSEBOC Schools Award, a school must complete the Online Form listed in the chart below. A school is encouraged but is not required to submit the support materials listed in the chart below. 


Recommended Length

Online Form

All relevant items completed

Support Materials 1: Letters from parents and students

Not to exceed 10 pages (2 pages per essay)

Support Materials 2: Letters of recommendation

Not to exceed 6 pages (2 page per letter)

Support Materials 3: Additional materials

Not to exceed 15 pages

FORMAT:  Please answer all questions in the electronic survey. 

NOTICE OF INTENT TO APPLY: If you want to apply for an award, you must send an email ASAP to SchoolAwards@coseboc.org with a contact name and email. We will respond with a personalized link to the Online Form.

ELECTRONIC SUBMISSION:  To submit your application 1) complete the Online Form and 2) attach all SUPPORT MATERIALS documents to an email.  You do not need to complete the Online Form all at one time. You may use your personalized link to modify or add information until the application deadline. Attached is a sample Online Form which includes all of the information you will be required to complete. However, you must complete the Online Form to be eligible. We will not accept the form as a file or in hard copy. We strongly recommend that applicants prepare answers elsewhere and then paste it into the online application. All SUPPORT MATERIALS documents should either be in Word format or converted to PDF and titled with your school’s name. The deadline for submitting the application is 5 pm on January 20, 2014. The Online Form will be closed at this time and therefore cannot be modified after this time. Applications not sent by the deadline date will not be reviewed for the 2014 COSEBOC School Award.

Technical Assistance Resources

COSEBOC will conduct an open technical assistance webinar at 1 p.m. (EST) on Thursday December 12, 2013 for schools interested in submitting an application to the 2014 COSEBOC Schools Award Program. Anyone interested in participating in the webinar must send an email confirming such interest to SchoolAwards@coseboc.org by Tuesday, December 10th to receive further instructions. During the webinar, COSEBOC staff will review the instructions and requirements of the application. In addition, they will answer questions submitted by interested schools prior to and during the conference call. 

COSEBOC will make a Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) document available on this website (http://www.coseboc.org/2014-School-Awards-FAQ) after the technical assistance webinar. The FAQ will summarize responses to all questions asked during the webinar. If prospective applicants have questions that were not answered by the webinar or the FAQ, these questions can be submitted by email to SchoolAwards@coseboc.org. Both questions and answers will be added to the FAQ. Other than during the conference call, COSEBOC staff will not answer any questions regarding the COSEBOC Schools Award Program by telephone.


December 4, 2013

Release of 2014 COSEBOC School Award Application Package

December 12, 2013

Technical Assistance Webinar

January 20, 2014

Deadline for submission of complete application

Mid March 2014

2014 COSEBOC School Award recipients notified

March 2014

COSEBOC staff work with award recipients on their presentations for the 2012 Gathering of Leaders

April 25-26, 2014

COSEBOC 2014 Gathering of Leaders in Jackson, MS 

For more information regarding the School Awards program, please consult the application packet.