COSEBOC Programs

COSEBOC conducts programs designed to identify, celebrate and/or pilot promising practices for educating boys and young men of color:

COSEBOC School Awards

The COSEBOC School Awards are designed to recognize and reward preK-12 schools nationwide that have strong track records of academic achievement amongst their male students of color.  Selected schools receive a $10,000 unrestricted grant.  We encourage others to learn from the promising practices of these successful schools.

To apply, at least 25% of a school's students must be male students of color (African-American, Asian-American, Hispanic, Native American, Multi-racial, etc.) and the academic achievement of its male students of color must be at least equal to the academic achievement of all students in its state.  District, charter and private; coed and single gender schools are invited to apply.  A school need not be a member of COSEBOC to submit an application nor will membership be considered during the selection process.

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Sankofa Passages Program

The Sankofa Passages Program is a school-based mentoring program that aims to increase attendance and graduation rates and post-secondary college/career success in high school male students of color.  Key characteristics of the program include:

    • full-time mentors working as integrated members of the school staff
    • creation of a space for students which is autonomous yet inter-connected with the school
    • extensive use of African rites of passage rituals, experiential learning, and the study of African and Afro-American culture, history and literature
    • holistic support that includes exploration of social/cultural identity, social skill development, academic support and motivation, career and college exploration, opportunities for artistic expression and spiritual development, family and community outreach

The program currently operates in seven public middle and high schools and one charter school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

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