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COSEBOC Annual Gathering of Leaders

Boys and Young Men of Color: 
Innovators, Creators and Game Changers
Austin, Texas  |  April 26-28, 2017

School tours will take place from 9:30am - 4pm on Wednesday, April 26. Sign up upon registration. Space is limited, and will fill up quickly.

Elementary (Tour visits both schools)

  •     Volma Overton Early College Prep 
  •     Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary Media and Performing Arts Institute 

Middle (Tour visits one school)

  •     Gus Garcia Young Men’s Leadership Academy 
  •     Texas Empowerment Academy 

High (Tour visits both schools)

  •     LBJ Early College High School 
  •     Travis Early College High School 

Alternative (Note: this is a secured facility)

  •  Travis County Leadership Academy 

Volma Overton Early College Prep is a place where talented teachers and other staff spend each day nurturing and motivating scholars to do their best in a beautiful campus setting. The school serves students from in a three-year-old pre-k to fifth grade, offering high quality instruction at all levels.  Communities in Schools, Boys & Girls Club of Austin and the City of Austin Parks and Recreation offer additional programming to help prepare scholars to be successful. The educational program is aligned with the Early College High School initiative that supports preparation for college level courses beginning in 9th grade.

Lee Lewis Campbell Elementary Media and Performing Arts Institute serves students from pre-k to fifth grade. The campus integrates the use of creative learning strategies, arts-based instruction, and social and emotional learning to support the whole child.  Through strengthened partnerships with neighboring organizations and relationships with community members, the school is a media and performing arts institute where students learn film-making, digital portfolios, stop motion animation, daily news casting, dance, and more.

Gus Garcia Young Men’s Leadership Academy is the all-boys academy in East Austin. Garcia makes lessons come alive for the young men—from connecting the classroom to the community through service learning projects to combining students' love of music with computer science. Garcia offers career and technology classes through Project Lead the Way, a national leader in science, technology, engineering and math programs. With a rigorous curriculum and higher education and industry partnerships, students develop the skills needed to succeed in the global economy.  The academy invests in the whole child, nurturing scholars’ creative minds and talents through robust fine arts programs. Garcia athletes have the opportunity to shape their bodies for excellence through Olympic-style training programs.

Texas Empowerment Academy

LBJ Early College High School offers students the opportunity to graduate with a diploma in one hand and an associate’s degree in the other—for free. Through an exciting and innovative partnership with Austin Community College, every student—from an entering freshman to a graduating senior—has the opportunity to enroll in college-level classes. In addition to earning college credit, students are preparing to compete in the work force, while saving thousands of dollars in college costs.

LBJ offers career and technology classes in audio and video production, digital electronics and health sciences. The school offers exciting engineering courses through Project Lead the Way, a national leader in science, technology, engineering and math programs. With a rigorous curriculum and higher education and industry partnerships, the program empowers students to solve complex problems in a real-world context, while developing the skills they need to succeed in the global economy.

Travis Early College High School welcomes students with a faculty and staff dedicated to student success. Diverse academic offerings, strong athletics and fine arts programs, and other extracurricular activities provide students with a range of opportunities to pursue their interests.

In addition to offering more than a dozen Career and Technical Education courses, Travis is also the district’s newest Early College High School. This partnership with Austin Community College provides students with the opportunity to earn an associate degree while still in high school. Travis students come from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic backgrounds to achieve academic excellence and pursue their passions, consistently placing among the best in the state in the arts and athletics.

Travis County Leadership Academy is an AISD satellite campus.  It is a secured facility. The goal is to deliver high quality education to the boys and girls adjudicated by Travis County Juvenile Probation Department. Students reside at the facility.  They are enrolled in the Leadership Academy, a County supported and Austin Community Administered GED program, participate in online college courses through Navarro College if they have a GED or high school diploma or participate in Job Skill’s courses.  Class sizes are small.  Class size range between 4-10 students. They are taught by certified teachers.  Travis County guards attend classes with students and accompany them throughout the units.  Teachers are employees of Austin ISD and deliver curriculum guided by the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) to receive Texas state credit towards graduation.  ELL, Special education and 504 students receive support.