Thursday Block 1A (3 hours)

Read Block 1A Workshop Descriptions here

  1. Kingmakers of Oakland (Presented by Christopher P. Chatmon)
  2. Solving Disproportionality and Achieving Equity: Using Data to Change Hearts and Minds (Presented by Dr. Edward Fergus-Arcia)
  3. Strategies for Strengthening Self-Efficacy in African American Educators (Presented by Ayodele Harrison)
  4. Social Emotional Learning (SEL) in the Learning and work Environment: The Qualitative Difference in the Success or Failure for Linguistic and Culturally Diverse Male (Presented by Hector Montenegro)
  5. Restorative Practices in Schools (Presented by Sherwynn Patton)
  6. Creating Safe Spaces for Real Talk: Using Restorative Circles in Classrooms (Presented by Jamila Sams M.A Ed.)

Thursday Block 1B (90 minutes)

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  1. Urban Prep’s 4Rs: Creating a Culture of High Achievement (Presented by Dr. Lionel Allen)
  2. The XY-Zone - a leadership development and peer support program (Presented by Robert Bachicha)
  3. Creating Career Pathways to Success (Presented by Sabrina Dawson)
  4. Opportunity Gap Game-changer: My Brother’s Keeper model & implementation (Presented by Sonia Dominguez)
  5. Raising Stars, Inside and Out (Presented by Ray Jr./Cynthia Jackson (1/2)
  6. Elevating a school community through understanding the youth we service (Presented by Dr. Max Jean–Paul)
  7. Diagnosing Discipline, Attendance and Mobility Challenges that Undermine Educational Access (Presented by Steven LaFemina TNTP)
  8. Practicing Philosophy: Using R.J. systems to Change the Academic Game for Young men of Color. (Presented by Chad Burnett)
  9. Black and Latino Education Matters: Is STEM our Answer to the War on Poverty? (Presented by Dr. Adrian B. Mims)
  10. Problem-based learning (PBL) as a Tool to Engage African American Males (Presented by Richard Reynolds)
  11. From Silos to the Integrated Child Study Team: Addressing Disproportionality through a System that Integrates Academics, Behavior, and Attendance (Presented by Jane Ross)
  12. Collaboration in Schools: The Good, Bad and the Ugly (Presented by Karla Salas)
  13. ExceptionAL: Black Men Leading, Living, and Loving (Presented by Judy Touzin)

Thursday Block 2 (90 minutes)

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  1. Partnering for Success: Supporting Educators in Creating Welcoming Environments for Young Male Students of Color (Presented by Dr. Diana Ward TNTP)
  2. Save Our Children: The Struggle Between Black Parents and Schools (Presented by Dr. Twyla Williams)
  3. Implicit Bias and What We Can Do (Presented by Aleza Berube)
  4. Leaders of the New School (Presented by Mike Brown)
  5. Moving Beyond Culturally Relevant Instruction to the Complexity of Identity (Presented by Christina Brown TNTP)
  6. Leveraging Learning Networks and Opportunities to Increase School Attendance for Boys of Color (Presented by Joshua Childs)
  7. Proactive vs. Reactive “Preparing Yourself to Prepare Your Students for….. (Presented by John Fletcher)
  8. Innovative approaches for management of classroom attentional issues: Balls, boys, and experiential strategies (Presented by Abigail Norfleet James, Ph.D.)
  9. Bridging Our Gaps: Rethinking Discipline in Urban Schools (Presented by Brandy Gratten)
  10. Transforming the Lives of Young Men of Color through Literacy (Presented by David Miller)
  11. Community Centered Approach to System Change (Julia Mejia)

Friday Block 3 (90 minutes)

Read Block 3 Workshop Descriptions here

  1. “Lead Lady”: Realizing Effectiveness as a Female Leader in an All-Male School (Presented by Brandy Gratten)
  2. Creating, imagining and Innovating-Empowering African American Males for Success (Presented by Eric L. Brown)
  3. Creating a Pathway to College & Career: Project MALES Summer Academy (Presented by Jorge Segovia)
  4. Why Feelings Matter: Using Restorative Justice to change the game on handling student conflicts (Presented by Stefani Harvey)
  5. Dual Language: Pursuing Academic Achievement, Bilingualism, and Positive Cultural Identity (Presented by David Kauffman, Ed.D)
  6. Developing Your Leadership Language: Finding Your Story of Empowerment (Presented by Jared Lafitte)
  7. Encouraging Boys and Young Men of Color to Fight for Freedom! (Presented by Vernon Lindsay, PhD)
  8. Creating Change Through Social Innovation As A Black Male: How I Did It and How Others Can Too (Presented by Will Morris)
  9. Resilience Through Coping: A Journey of Hope (Presented by Philip Roundtree)
  10. Bringing Youth of Color Into the Creative Class (Presented by Carl Settles)
  11. Lessons from Watts: Rewriting the Narrative Surrounding Men of Color and Postgraduate Success (Presented by Dr. Martinique Starnes)
  12. Building a Community to be Proud of: Schools, Residents, Churches, Non-Profits & Alumni (Presented by Ricardo Zavala) 
  13. Adult SEL & Family/Teacher Communication: Exploring and Planning to Interrupt Implicit Bias (Presented by Sarah Stone)
  14. Book Clubs: Engaging Young Men of Color by Exploring Literature Through Culturally Relevant Books (Presented by Patrick M. Johnson) 
  15. Learning Math Doesn’t Have to be Painfully Boring! (Presented by Ayodele Harrison)

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